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Establishedin 1958,Shanxi Normal University (SXNU),isarenownedprovincialuniversity. Its campus is located inTaiyuan, the southern region of Shanxi Province.The universityconsists of 22schools and offers 61 undergraduateprograms, 23 graduatedisciplines,2doctorate disciplines and 2 post-doctoralmobilestations.Currently there are16669full-time undergraduate students and3550graduate students.And there are1284full-timelecturers, among whom10are winners of national academic awardsand 88are winners ofprovincial academichonors.

Being committed to its global vision, the university maintains collaborativerelationswithmore than50internationaluniversities and research institutions.With a history ofrecruiting and cultivating internationalstudentsfor over 20 years,the university has in total more than500 internationalstudents from Asia, Europe,Africaand other places to studyhere. All thecoursesoffered at the university are open to international students. Andall the study facilities and well-equippedaccommodationsare availableto the students.Since 2016, the university has established scholarships forinternationalstudentsin allacademic and non-academic programs. Thanks to therichhistorical and cultural resources around the campus,diversecultural visits andactivitiesare organized forinternationalstudentseach and every year.Welcome to SXNU. A place where you can broaden your horizons and life experiences.

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